Nominiert für den Kids Design Award 2020 – Bauwippchen

Unsere Hessen Design Competition 2019 Preisträgerin Katharina Em mit ihrem "BAUWIPPCHEN" ist nominiert für den Kids Design Award 2020!

"Today we continue our presentation of the nominees of the Kids Design Award 2020 with the contribution "Bauwippchen" by the German designer Katharina Em. With the building block game "Bauwippchen" children are set stimuli, the topic of balance is self-determined and playfully explored. Children like to play intuitively and learn a lot. The building block game provides an appropriate framework for experiencing physical laws such as the effects of gravity, friction and mass. The 18 building blocks and the rocker can be used differently depending on the abilities of the children. A variety of combinations is possible through the design of the building blocks. The game adapts to the child and can be rediscovered again and again. The colour accents on the beech wood represent another educational aspect and attract the child to play."

Quelle: Facebook, vom 15.09.2020


Datum: 15.09.2020